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‘Lots of dark humour in this book, Bale trying to access the grounds of a party comes to mind. Maybe it’s the dachshund attack he survives. It’s sometime in the 2000s and Lewis has delivered a tribute to this time and place and to old school PIs that will have you greatly entertained.’ June Lorraine Roberts @ Murder In Common


‘I really think that Jellyfish is like a jumbled puzzle at the start, but all the pieces managed to fit together and create a beautiful image at the end. With lots of suspense and humour, this is definitely a must-read for fans of crime novels!’ Filipa @ A Savant Reader


‘Not only was I thoroughly entertained by Frank’s constant one liners but this is a brilliant story to go along with it. With Frank’s Philip Marlowe obsession and bible bashing quotes this ex solicitor makes for a pretty awesome P.I. … I am so looking forward to more from this author after such a super debut novel.’ Susan Hampson @ Books From Dusk Till Dawn


‘Each character in the book is unique and has their own voice. Frank Bale is the best of the lot, with his wit and dry humor. I absolutely adored all his witticisms … The writing and the world-building in this book is fantastic … While the story may be simple, it’s built upon beautifully and leads to a neat finish.’ Shruti Ramanujam @ This Is Lit

‘JELLYFISH by Lev D. Lewis is a crime fiction debut with its own distinctive voice. An unusual and quirky read … with plenty of Marlowe references … JELLYFISH is well-paced, well-plotted, and well thought out, and I enjoyed its change in step among the crime fiction genre.’ Linda @ Books Of All Kinds


‘Jellyfish is a fictional book with amazing characters. Every character fit their role so well, and all contributed in making the story interesting … This book is a full of suspense, it has a good humour and a nice storyline with a twist which I really enjoyed.’ Theophila @ Whispering Stories


‘Genre fiction can sometimes be a bit predictable but often that is why we buy it: because we know what we are getting and we become attached to the characters. Crime series in particular fit this description, but sometimes a new voice appears which is a little bit different. ‘Jellyfish’ by Lev D Lewis is such a debut novel, featuring the Philip Marlowe-obsessed private investigator Frank Bale … a refreshing new voice’ Sandra Danby @ Sandra Danby


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