Close but no cigar


Before embracing life as an independent author, I did try the traditional approach. For over two years, I submitted my work to agents. Some never replied. Most sent formulaic rejection letters (some so formulaic they contained the salutation, ‘Dear Writer’). A few said some good things, but still no one was prepared to fight for Frank:

“Thank you for the early chapters of JELLYFISH. I think they are very well written and I liked your sense of character and place. But I’m afraid this kind of PI detective novel is almost impossible to place with mainstream publishers – they are looking for crime that is much bigger in scope.  

Should you decide to write a different type of crime novel, I’d be interested to see it.”


“Thank you so much for sending me your manuscript. There is an awful lot I like about it. However …”


“Thank you for sending me Jellyfish.

While I enjoyed reading your work, which stood out from the many we receive, I’m afraid …”


“Thank you for sending us the full manuscript of Jellyfish. I enjoyed reading it – the narrative voice is strong and distinctive, and you write with humour. Unfortunately, however …”




You can buy Jellyfish from here now – and see if you would have fought for Frank!

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